Truck Mounted Sweepers

Developed from over 50 years of evolution and continuous improvement to meet customer requirements, the Johnston V Range has established itself as Johnston’s most reliable and dependable range of truck mounted sweepers, designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding municipal and contractor applications.

The VT Range

The twin engine sweeper offers the best performance and flexibility for truck mounted sweepers. Being independent of the truck chassis, the sweeper axillary engine powers the sweeping functions and vacuum system so both engine and chassis can be tailored to the application and customer preferences.

A wide range of chassis can be supplied with either manual, automatic or automated gearboxes providing a wide range of options to suit the operator. The auxiliary engines come in 55kW or 93kW to tier 4 final/stage3b standards or 85kW to stage 3a standard.

Once set to an operating performance, the twin engine sweeper system will perform at the same level regardless of gradient andtravel speed. The sweeping operation can be paused or stopped easily and sweep gear lifted to allow the driver to transit from one location to another without having to disengage a separate drive.

The VT is supplied with its own fuel tank allowing tax free diesel to be used where applicable or/and carry additional fuel for longer on station time. In light duty applications both engines work at low revs, reducing fuel costs and reducing wear and tear on components.

Based on residual re-sale values, the use of tax free fuel when used and maintenance, the twin engine offers the lowest operating costs of truck mounted sweeper with up to 20% lower running costs.

The twin engine can be used in built up areas in conjunction with an automatic transmission for the best balance of control and functionality and where performance is most important in applications such as road construction.

Johnston VT501 truck mounted sweepers


Power and performance packaged for the CityLighter chassis but the same heavy duty power

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The latest evolution V652 provides as standard a range of advanced innovations

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Heavy duty cleaning power house

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The VS Range

These single engine hydrostatic truck mounted sweepers provide the best control during the sweeping operation and allows the driver to have infinite travel speed from 0 to 40km/h. With the cruise control option the operator can set the ideal sweep speed and concentrate on sweeping.

The chassis is driven via the standard truck gearbox in transit mode and when the sweeper is required to sweep, the operator engagesthe hydrostatic drive system. Maintenance is only required on one engine but the single engine is working at high load more often.

Once in Hydrostatic drive the sweeper will have a transit speed of up to 40km/h allowing the operator to relocate without having to disengage the hydrostatic drive. To change from hydrostatic to standard drive, the operator has to stop the sweeping operation, come to a complete halt and apply the handbrake.

The Johnston HGB2 gearbox can handle high torque transmissions with engines up to 280hp. Operators wishing to use high power engines can sweep efficiently without overloading the gearbox.

The single engine sweeper uses the fuel tank from the chassis or the Johnston 190 litre fuel tank, allowing longer on station time.

The Hydrostatic drive system is lighter than the equivalent twin engine sweeper, allowing more pay load. On a 12 ton chassis the payload on a VS501 will be approx. 300kg more than VT equivalent.

The Hydrostatic is ideal for built up areas such as towns and cities where sweeping speed and control are an advantage.


Power and performance packaged for the City

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The latest evolution VS652 provides a range of advanced innovations as standard

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Heavy duty cleaning power house

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