Johnston Sweepers wins “Bodywork Innovation of the Year 2018” award.

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Johnston Sweepers’ latest electrically-powered truck sweeper wins “Bodywork Innovation of the Year 2018” award in Commercial Motors Awards.

Johnston Sweepers is delighted to announce that its latest VE651 sweeper, known as evie, has been named “Bodywork Innovation of the Year 2018” in the national Commercial Motor Awards.

evie (Electric Vehicle/Intelligent Electronics), is believed to be the industry’s very first full-size fully electrically-powered zero emissions truck-mounted sweeper.  Developed as part of Johnston’s drive for alternative fuels, the sweeper has been designed as a proof-of-concept vehicle, to assess the feasibility of such a machine, and to prove it could be done.

The judges in the Commercial Motors awards panel chose evie to win the newly introduced Bodywork innovation category for the clever method of integrating electrical power to a standard sweeper product to deliver a viable alternative fuel option for local authorities.

evie is a full-size truck sweeper mounted on a specially modified 16 tonne chassis, and driven by a high-performance 350kW electric motor, powered by a 200kWh Lithium Ion Phosphate battery-pack.  All of the automotive functions are electrically-powered, as well as the fan, brushes and Supawash system, requiring no additional power input.  The battery itself offsets the weight of the two engines and transmissions used in a standard diesel machine, so the overall weight of the sweeper remains the same.

The result is a zero-emissions, low-noise, low-maintenance full-size sweeper with a 6-tonne payload, similar to a diesel twin-engine machine, and designed to be capable of a full sweeping shift and recharged overnight back at the depot.  Ideally suited for municipal use, evie is virtually noise-free, the only sound coming from the airflow and the brushes on the road surface, giving authorities the opportunity to make a real difference to air and noise pollution

Receiving the award at the ceremony held in Birmingham, Graham Howlett, Johnston’s UK Sales Manager said,

“We are thrilled to have won this prestigious award, and to be recognised for this important innovation in sweeper fuel technology, which has the potential to change the face of road cleansing going forward.”


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