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Marc van Brakel, Johnston Sweepers new General Manager, speaks about the companys latest customer service initiatives and what Johnston is doing to maintain its position in the market.

“Everyone knows the Johnston Sweeper is a good product but we depend on aftermarket support matching the quality of the product to keep its reputation. In today’s UK market, support is increasingly important and Johnston has been focusing heavily on becoming best in class for parts and service.

“My background is the commercial vehicle market and having previously worked for commercial truck manufacturers I understand the value of customer service and aftermarket support. Johnston has invested over £800,000 in the past three years in our World Parts Centre based in Dorking and now we are offering a 24 hour online parts service, 95% parts availability and next day free of charge delivery, or same day chargeable deliveries. We carry over £7m’s worth of parts on the shelf at Dorking and have introduced a VOR process to help our customers keep their sweepers on the street.

“Our focus doesn’t end there though. We have big ambitions to achieve an outstanding service support network in the UK and our service team, led by Jamie Evans, has developed processes and training programmes to ensure we are well on the way to achieving this goal. We have thirty one mobile technicians in the UK, in addition to workshop-based service specialists, operating from four service centres, each of whom receive more than thirty hours of training every year to ensure they are able to diagnose and repair faults as quickly as possible. In addition, we have recently introduced a Master Technician level for our service team which is awarded to technicians once they have completed the full suite of service and customer service training courses. From start to finish this program takes about six years, and focuses not only on technical aspects but also trains and develops our team to be great customer ambassadors. Big investments have been made in diagnostic equipment, work wear, ensuring we always present ourselves in a smart and professional way, van parts, stocks and mobile workshops, demonstrating our commitment to meeting our goals.

“We work hard to achieve a high ‘first fix visit’ rate. Currently the national target is 85% and across the network we are hitting this, but not without continual focus and passion from our team. One of the most effective transformations in the network within recent years has been the introduction of iPads. These have now become standard issue to all our field staff and part of our infrastructure.

This has enabled us to be 100% efficient with our service administration, and allows our team to access the very latest technical information electronically, and feed information back to our Dorking factory within seconds. With fully trained, correctly equipped and motivated technicians Johnston service is positioned to provide the best levels of customer service.”

Johnston Sweepers offers a full range of service and contract maintenance packages designed to work alongside customers to provide higher levels of uptime, in addition to bespoke service level agreements tailored to individual needs. Fixed priced call outs, menu price servicing, 100 point inspections, service exchange engines and transmissions are just some of the great services we offer our customers; with much more planned for the UK with the introduction of the Winter Services products.

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