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Compact sweepers produced by Johnston are now operating in major cities throughout the UK, with Johnston machines sweeping in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Belfast, Aberdeen, Dublin, Cardiff and Leeds, and twenty nine CX201 Compacts sweeping in Glasgow city centre alone.

Now Birmingham City Centre is the latest city to opt for Johnston machines, with thirty one CX201s supplied by Dawsonrentals joining its sweeper fleet.

The news confirms Johnston’s bestselling compact as still the popular choice for city centre sweeping, its manoeuvrability, high performance and clean air technology perfectly suited to this type of work.

Customers throughout the UK are finding that the small turning circle and front facing brushes of the C201 are ideal for city sweeping on narrow streets and busy pavements. With short transfer distances and sweepers going into work mode soon after leaving the city depot, the C201 also offers significant fuel savings over other compact sweepers in its class. These fuel savings can help to reduce running costs by as much as £40-60 per sweeper per week. For councils operating large numbers of sweepers, the savings are amplified and are hard to dismiss.

The C201 offers numerous other features which provide higher productivity for users in the city environments. The top mounted wanderhose is easy, safe and fast to deploy in comparison to other rear stored systems, while the C201 jet wash system is deployed from the kerbside, keeping the operator safely away from traffic on busy roads. Both additions offer fast and easy use, allowing a busy city sweeper operator maximum productivity and less set-up time to perform regular tasks.

The new C201 Euro 6 and stage 3b options have transformed ride and handling over the Euro 5 models and are far better for longer transit distances. Operator feedback has been very positive to the new improvements, making the versatile little machine one of our top selling sweepers in 2016.

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