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Johnston SmartLink

Johnston’s ingenious new system for realtime fleet efficiencyperator training from the Johnston team

With Johnston SmartLink your sweeper fleet can be out working  harder for longer – AND you can save money making  your fleet more efficient.

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Vehicle Tracking and Management System

Johnston SmartLink's aims are to help customers save money and manage their sweeper fleets more efficiently, and allowing machines to be repaired and back out working more quickly than ever.  In an unprecedented move, Johnston will fit the device as standard to all new compact, mid sized and truck mounted sweepers sold in the UK, with the dual benefit of giving us the connectivity tools to carry out service calls and repairs even faster, whilst also supplying a vast range of sweeper operational and performance data for customers through a selection of subscriptionbased packages.

Each machine will broadcast a comprehensive range of tracking, performance, service and diagnostic smart-data which can be viewed and analysed through an account-based portal. This allows fleet managers
to track and monitor the location of sweepers via Google Maps, as well as reviewing KPIs (key performance indicators) such as fuel consumption, engine rpm and hours worked, brushes in use, nozzles down, high
pressure water system active – to name just a few.

Safety and compliance

Driver operational habits can also be viewed for safety and compliance, and real-time alerts for key warnings such as speeding and operating without water can be set up to allow correct operation to be encouraged and measured. The system also means that fleet managers can see from the comfort of their desks when machines require service, and are able to store information and produce reports for customers as evidence of work completed.

An added benefit is that the location and operation of each individual machine can be analysed in the event of third party insurance claims.

In short, the array of information supplied through Johnston SmartLink™ will be an invaluable tool to help fleet managers make real cost savings on their sweeper operations by encouraging good driving habits, optimising on-station work time, anticipating service and repair needs before a failure occurs, and speeding up repairs when needed.

For Johnston’s nationwide team of mobile Service Technicians, Johnston SmartLink™ will be welcomed with
open arms! Not only can faults be diagnosed remotely, allowing them to make sure they have the correct parts on-board, increasing first time fix rates, but it will also help to locate machines and allocate the call-out to the closest technician.

No more hunting for sweepers out working on jobs! In some cases it will mean that issues can be resolved
over the telephone, and routine servicing can be monitored remotely and scheduled well in time.

In the bigger picture, Johnston SmartLink™ vastly increases our knowledge of where machines are located, their usage cycles and how they are performing, allowing us to serve customers better both at the point of service and for the development of future product innovations. It also further supports Johnston’s sustainability strategy, measuring and encouraging more sustainable activities to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Two subscription-based packages

Two packages are available to customers initially, one for tracking of sweepers, and the  second for tracking and a comprehensive range of performance data, both available through a log-in to the Johnston SmartLink™ portal.



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