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Public Sector

With pressure increasing for local authorities to reduce waste to landfill at the same time as cutting their carbon footprint, at the same time as improving street cleansing services and maintaining high cleanliness scores, street scene and cleansing are potentially one of the most difficult roles within a modern council.

Demands placed on the Public Sector to ensure roads, streets and town centres are cleaned at the lowest costs is one of the most challenging tasks presented to modern local authorities.

Johnston Sweepers are working to help authorities achieve these objectives through innovative product design and development of specialist options. For this reason we are confident Johnston Sweepers will have the ideal sweeper and best option for a wide range of specific tasks.

With lowest fuel consumption across our range of sweepers than other comparable models, local authorities can reduce costs at the same time as reducing carbon footprint. For example, the C201 Compact Range uses up to 40% less fuel whilst delivering top cleansing results.

In addition, with a wide range of options available from wanderhose to water recirculation across all our products, the Johnston Sweeper is best positioned to maximise hard pressed budgets at the same time as maintaining the highest cleanliness scores.


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Tel: +44 (0) 1306 884722

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